Inbox schminbox.

A SaaS desktop notification tool for sending unmissable communications, news, and polls directly to users, with content scheduled and managed via a web-based interface.

CommsPop allows internal communicators to bypass inboxes with immediate, measurable comms.


On average, office workers receive 87-122 emails per day, causing content overload, information guilt and a lack of information hierarchy.

The client (a multinational drink and brewing company) needed a way to cut through the noise to bring their internal comms front and centre.


We devised and created CommsPop – an installable web-connected desktop app and accompanying browser-based admin panel.

How does it work?

Step 1:
The CommsPop app is deployed to all laptop/desktop computers (Windows and MacOS).

Step 2:
Comms teams use the online interface to schedule notifications and polls, manage users and edit target groups.

Step 3:
Scheduled (or instant) notifications are sent, with live reporting available in the dashboard.

CommsPop features:

  • Multiple alert types
    Corner notifications or high impact mid-screen alerts. Use text, images and links.
  • Groups
    Send notifications to everyone, or pre-defined groups and individuals.
  • Scheduling
    Schedule future notifications, individually or as a set. Use expiry times to stay relevant.
  • Polls
    Gain instant feedback with polls – send as a notification for one-click voting.
  • Customisations
    Make it yours with CommsPop’s visual branding options.
  • History
    Full audit trail of previously sent notifications.
  • Analytics
    Track how many people engaged with your notifications.


An efficient, cross-platform system that captures attention without being intrusive.

Polling features exceeded expectation, making the tool a great business insight platform as well as a comms broadcasting tool.


  • Solution ideation
  • Defining UX requirements, user journeys, wireframes
  • User research/testing
  • Proof of concept (high-level design)
  • Detailed UI (end to end)
  • Brand and website design, marketing collateral
  • Briefing dev teams
  • Ongoing roadmap/backlog prioritisation

Wider responsibilities

  • Team management
  • Defining commercials
  • Client relationships