Enterprise-ready communications management software.

SaaS platform solving the comms problem for organisations including PwC, Xero, and the Civil Aviation Authority.


Enterprise comms teams have no easy way of gaining full oversight of activity and requests across all channels within large organisations.

This means they’re unable to ensure comms align to agreed business strategies and messaging becomes diluted.

Colleagues miss relevant comms and are overwhelmed by ungoverned messaging, while comms teams are ill-equipped to easily manage as a team and present performance metrics to leadership.

We were tasked by one of the ‘big four’ consultancies to solve this problem.


Using a design-led approach to the problem, the current comms team function within the organisation was analysed, team members were interviewed and base metrics were decided. This included current methods of governance, work allocation, and contact points in the comms lifecycle from request to approval.

Corporate comms teams from over 20 additional organisations were also interviewed to isolate common requirements, and qualitative user testing ensured interface tasks were efficient and intuitive.

The developed solution took the form of CommsDirector.

CommsDirector enables teams to collaboratively process, plan, manage, and measure activity and comms across any number of channels. Filter all scheduled activity by target audience, channel, programme, spokesperson, location and many more categories.

Colleagues from outside the comms team use the platform to request support via a guided, constructive comms request process, with requests automatically routed and allocated to specific members of the team (based on any or all of the criteria supplied in the brief).

Team workflow allows planning collaboration, with governance capabilities enabling comms to follow a frictionless approval process.


By helping drive behavioural change within the organisation, CommsDirector has empowered and freed teams to focus on the comms.

12 months in numbers (one client example):

  • 768 scheduled comms
  • 2,430 internal CommsDirector users (2,400+ colleagues)
  • 64 pieces of comms per month
  • 304+ team hours saved
    (reported by client, based on approx 20% rejection rate, assuming minimum of two hours effort required to brief and evaluate a request).

CommsDirector continues to be implemented and successful for new clients on a licensed basis.


  • Solution ideation
  • Defining UX requirements, user journeys, wireframes
  • User research/testing
  • Proof of concept (high-level design)
  • Detailed UI (end to end)
  • Brand and website design, marketing collateral, animation
  • Briefing dev teams
  • Ongoing roadmap/backlog prioritisation

Wider responsibilities

  • Team management
  • Defining commercials
  • Client relationships