Conversocial Design System

A place to call home.

A design system created for Conversocial to unify their conversation-experience products of today and tomorrow.


One company, three products, three completely different experiences.

Through product evolutions and acquisitions, the product suite had taken on separate personalities with no consistency, and some tough experiences for end-users in many cases.

As an engineering-heavy organisation, where there were new features to build but no design resource, historically developers had no choice but to do their best with the UX and UI.

The challenge was clear that a unified set of standards needed creating to benefit both the organisation and end-users.

Extra challenge: try and fit in the work around the current ongoing design schedule.


A comprehensive design system was created, containing an extensive library of components, styles and patterns, with reusable detailed examples.

To get around the scheduling crunch, it was created in tandem with a redesign of their most popular product (Agent Workspace). Being mindful of elements being introduced for that project meant that key components could be extracted and considered from an atomic design perspective.


Along with the usual benefits a well specified design system can bring to an organisation, our team particularly benefited from:

  • A springboard from which to redesign the other products in the suite at significant speed
  • Improved relationships between product managers, engineers and design
  • Reduced strain on the design team by empowering engineering to implement feature iteration independently.


  • Solution ideation
  • Cross functional team management
  • Detailed UI (end to end)