Johnson & Johnson Aveeno

Scalable targeted social sampling.


How to make optimal use of 250k product samples and drive positive sentiment? Utilise any channel that will provide the optimal result.

The solution

We created a scalable custom social sampling and fulfilment platform, allowing brands to get their products into the hands of like-minded customers to drive sales.

Using Facebook, we were able to motivate specific demographics to trial a product, review, purchase and recommend the product to friends.

The solution comprised a desktop and mobile-friendly Facebook app, offering targeted users a choice from a selection of free samples to try. To get their free sample, users were prompted to gift an additional sample to a relevant friend, meaning the programme is always based on a ‘warm’ lead.

After samples are fulfilled using a bespoke management tool (tracking requests, fulfilment volume and shipping addresses), the system distributed post-sample emails to close the loop between receiving a sample and writing a review (integrating with BazaarVoice). Post-activity ad re-targeting was used to help drive purchase harder.

Reviews were also propagated through to the main product website helping to drive sales independently from the sampling activity.


We captured 83k opt-in data profiles and generated 2k ‘perfect’ product reviews for syndication.

All 250k product samples were successfully placed.


  • Solution ideation
  • Defining UX requirements and user journeys
  • Proof of concept (high-level design)
  • Detailed UI design (end to end)
  • Briefing dev teams