Johnson & Johnson Gallery Apps

A highly scalable solution for driving and capturing relevant user generated content.


Capture photos and videos of customers using our products and drive engagement.


Harness social platforms to cost-effectively generate and collate reusable, authentic, brand-owned UGC with clear lines of user-consent.

We created a scalable social galleries platform, managed by custom moderation and configuration engines.

We knew that followers of our client’s brands…
a) Proudly share photos and videos
b) Love engaging with other people’s photos and videos.

By dovetailing with this behaviour we were able to engage with and reward followers, whilst collecting authentic reusable content for the brands.

We created a configurable platform to easily switch on/off galleries and gallery features for efficiencies across 25+ social brands. The system was able to robustly manage and moderate high volumes of submitted media across multiple languages and locales, and was also able to be used in dual language situations.


For Johnson’s Baby, Calpol, Ipren and Clean & Clear brands, 89,318 entries were generated across the UK, Ireland, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen and Egypt.


  • Defining UX requirements and user journeys
  • Proof of concept (high-level design)
  • Detailed UI design (end to end)
  • Briefing dev teams