Ethicon Trocars

Intuitive tablet sales tools synchronising products with the cloud.


Create a tablet-based sales tool to showcase the family of Ethicon trocars, and allow pharma reps to visually work through a sales proposal with a client. Must use brand house-style and assets.


The Ethicon Trocars app contains a standalone set of tools that each rep downloads to their tablet to use when on the road.

It consists of two main areas, a price editing database, and a customer-facing, visual-selling area.

After setting prices in the editing area, reps are able to talk through options with the client on the main screen, dragging selections from the catalogue to the human body, setting quantities and displaying combined costs.

After completing the initial selection, the rep can then toggle to a comparison view, used to add a different selection of items, with the rep able to switch between the two views to highlight differences. If required, the second view can also be automatically populated from the initial selections, so they can edit the selections rather than starting from fresh.

At the end of the meeting, selections, pricing options and positions are collated into a customised PDF sent straight to the client, with the session saved locally, and then synchronised to the cloud when a connection is made.


  • Defining UX requirements and user journeys
  • Proof of concept (high-level design)
  • Detailed UI design (end to end)
  • Briefing dev teams