BlackBerry Colours

Data-driven creativity to drive retail purchase.


Engage users to drive purchase of fashion-focused tech: BlackBerry devices available in multiple colours.


With Facebook holding hundreds of tagged photos of most users, we can theoretically get a lot of data about how individuals dress, or more specifically what colours they dress in.

Knowing that the majority of tagging data was positioned on faces, we created an app to:

  1. Analyse a random subset of 30 photos tagged of the user
  2. Use tagging coordinates to identify the user’s position in the photo
  3. Measure a distance from the tag to identify clothing
  4. Take a sample swatch of the colour
  5. Segment colours from the sample clothing, surfacing the common hue
  6. Do a nearest match of the group to a handset swatch

For the user, this meant that after pressing a single button (and allowing permissions), we could present them with a stylish collage of colour-coordinated photos with a matching BlackBerry device overlaid to complete their look.

Users could save the collage to their album and feed (promoting the branded app amongst friends), and click directly through to a retailer, driving a tracked purchase.


A highly engaging, brand-centric app requiring minimal initial user input.

100k+ organic app engagements with 20k+ users clicking through to the store.


  • Solution ideation
  • Defining UX requirements and user journeys
  • Detailed UI design (end to end)
  • Briefing dev teams