PwC – @PwC

Internal publishing platform serving 22,600+ employees.

@PwC is a bespoke publishing platform to support PwC communications across the UK and Middle East.


The comms team at PwC were wrestling with multiple digital platforms that were both difficult for the end user to navigate and tough for the team to administrate.

With a highly mobile workforce, none of the channels were suited to smaller screens or unreliable connections.


The new @PwC channel provides flexibility to manage all content and gives access to news, videos and podcasts across all devices.

A synchronised, offline mobile version lets colleagues stay up to date whilst travelling.

Along with a highly accessible front-end UI, we created a suite of back-end tools to enable admins to get things done quicker – from banner creation to automated newsletter builders, all from a cohesive flexible interface.


  • Built within the technical and security constraints that punctuate large highly legislated organisations.
  • The CMS supports a broad range of different content types, and content access levels.
  • Allows creative flexibility whilst retaining agreed brand design guidelines.


  • Solution ideation
  • Defining requirements and user journeys
  • Proof of concept (high-level design)
  • Detailed UI/UX design (end to end)
  • Briefing dev teams/li>
  • Ongoing roadmap/backlog prioritisation